for the first time in over ten years, i am on vacation. i have traveled to beautiful, relaxing places in that time but this trip is very different. my husband and i drove eight hours with our beautiful little girl to a condo on the southwestern coast of florida. we agreed to unplug...taking the time away from immersing in social media and work-related conversation. we approached the week with a high level of intentionality - focusing on our little family and the experiences we can create. our seven day trip is only halfway through and i already miss it.

as i type, my little girl is teetering happily across the floor. she has ventured to use her walker, and took her first confident, assisted steps. she has been much more cuddly than usual, giggled at the silliest things and calls to include the parent that isn't involved in the fun.

my husband needed this time more than anyone. he often attempts to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, at least the world of those closest to his heart. he holds the stress of bills, schedules and manages all of our car and home needs. he often does the grocery shopping and cooks our meals. he makes it a priority to give me breaks from childcare and coordinates much needed date nights. he shifts schedules and sacrifices personal time to accommodate others. this week, he relaxed. he smiled. he watched football and went for a swim. i saw him take deep breaths, read books and chase our daughter around the kitchen. for a few days, the world is on hold and we live in a bubble.

there is no deep meaning behind this post, simply an acknowledgement of the need for rest. my goal is to take the vacation philosophy home with me...to stop and take a deep breath, smile and enjoy those around me.

today, i am thankful.

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