So...we're having a baby.


From the moment we took "the test," my perspective on life has completely changed. Food doesn't just fill my plate, it sustains my unborn child. Clothes aren't chosen merely for style but for warmth, comfort and protection for the baby within. And although only the size of a raspberry, the simplest of decisions are made with he or she in mind.

I worry that my little boy or girl will have my nose; if he will like me; if he will be picked on in school; what I will say when peer pressure threatens to pull him down. I hope he knows God's love right from the start; he will experience deep and lasting friendship; he will resemble his father in every way.

As questions plague my mind, I am reassured that my little raspberry was created for a purpose greater than himself. That he has a very special role to play in this struggling world and I am honored to stand with him every step of the way.

This is going to be a crazy ride.

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